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Stigmas suck

Stigmas surrounding the hiring of previously incarcerated individuals are being challenged by 21st-century values. Modern hiring decisions are made considering the whole person, not just their history. But old habits and ways of thinking are hard to get rid of, and you may have serious doubts about hiring a background-friendly candidate. However, these individuals can become a great part of your team and add significant value both in the work environment and outside of it.

Here is why you should consider background-friendly hiring practices.

Fair chance hiring benefits everyone

Justice-involved individuals face a multitude of challenges in prison and upon their reentry into society. One of those is finding an employer who is willing to look beyond their past and integrate them into their workplace. That’s where Re-Wake work comes in two-fold. Our holistic systematic roadmap encumbers the whole family to prepare them to overcome these challenges. Most crime in America is a byproduct of desperation rather than habit. When families have stability, specifically a stable income, they’re far less likely to commit a crime. Justice-involved individuals are just those who’ve made a mistake and learned from it. That one mistake should not automatically disqualify them from the opportunity to have a better life

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